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Revolutionizing the Lending Experience for Borrowers and Lenders with Lendela

By Jozua Pung, 24th November 2023


The decision to participate in Lendela’s Series A round is underpinned by our commitment to innovation and empowering stellar entrepreneurs. Lendela provides a next-generation digital loan matchmaking platform that streamlines the personal loan application process, allowing borrowers to submit their profiles, receive 'bids' for their applications, and accept loans all on a single platform. Here is why we think they are going to be incredibly successful.

Macro Tailwinds with a Massive Market Ripe for Disruption

Lendela operates in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, where the combined personal loan market is projected to experience a compounded annual growth rate of 31.7%, reaching an estimated $96 billion by 2030. The timing of Lendela’s offering is impeccable, riding the wave of increasing personalization for internet services enabled by AI, and in an increasingly connected and aware world where consumers demand more transparency.

Clear Value Proposition for Both Borrowers and Lenders

Traditionally, personal loan borrowers endure an onerous process of searching for information both online and offline, applying to multiple lenders in the hope of selecting the best offers. This process may take weeks only to result in suboptimal loan terms far from what was advertised. Lendela transforms this experience, providing a range of personalized and transparent quotes from trusted and verified lenders in just minutes.

The competitive landscape of advertising personal loan offerings leads to extremely high per-click rates and uncertainty regarding the relevance of leads for lenders. Lendela tackles this issue by helping lenders pre-screen applications and providing API integration, saving time in the application vetting process and reducing the need to pay for non-qualified leads.

Experienced Founder and Team with Incredible Execution

Nima Karimi, CEO and founder of Lendela, and his team bring extensive domain expertise from similar businesses in the Nordics. The senior management team possesses complementary skills, from brand-building and platform operations to business development and fintech expertise. This experienced team has demonstrated the ability to achieve exponential growth, blending aggressive expansion with financial prudence, a skill set vital in the current financial climate.

To the Moon and Beyond

The personal loan landscape has seen little improvement for decades. Lendela aims to transform this stagnant environment and, by extension, the broader financial products industry. They envision providing millions of people with the personalization and transparency they have long awaited from financial institutions.

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