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Revolutionizing Bangladesh's Public Transportation: Our Investment in Jatri

By Jozua Pung, 17th April 2023


As avid supporters of Jatri, we recently participated in their Series A funding round, and here's why we are incredibly bullish on their potential.


Addressing a Massive, Neglected Problem

Over 100 million Bangladeshis rely on public transport for their daily commute and the experience is almost always unpleasant. They ruffle their pockets for change, pay inconsistent fares, and face overly crowded buses. Bus operators, owners, and the government have it no easier. Pilferage is a norm and the lack of data disallows proper allocation of resources, creating a vicious cycle of inefficiencies.


While many countries have long moved past the pain points faced by commuters and operators, Bangladesh has lacked a solution to modernize this critical infrastructure. Jatri's founders, Aziz Arman, Khandokar Taswar Zahin, and Zia Uddin, recognized this gap and set out to find a transformative solution that will revolutionize the lives of millions.


A Strong Value Proposition with Impeccable Execution

In just over three years, Jatri has forged strong partnerships with bus operators, owners, and the government, offering an end-to-end solution that digitizes fare transactions, tracks demand, and provides recommendations for optimal resource allocation. Doing so enhances the experience of commuters, earning their trust and acceptance.


This infrastructure and trust set the stage for Jatri's upcoming payment solution, eliminating the need for cash and enabling even the unbanked and underbanked population to be part of the cashless revolution.


Resilient Founders Driving Success

Jatri's founders have shown remarkable resilience in the face of challenges. Tackling an age-old industry problem is no easy feat, and the added hurdles of the COVID-19 pandemic made it even more difficult. However, Jatri has managed to onboard over 5,000 buses across Dhaka, facilitating more than 100 million trips and achieving an annualized GMV of over US$120M. Jatri's founders have shown unwavering determination and are well on track to transform the lives of millions of commuters in Bangladesh.


To the Moon and Beyond

Jatri's vision of transforming Bangladesh's public transportation system is compelling and promising. Their innovative solutions, strong value proposition, and resilient founders make them stand out in Bangladesh’s start-up scene. We are thrilled about our investment in Jatri and have full confidence in their ability to bring positive change to the lives of millions of commuters in Bangladesh.

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